Bye Bye Paci… or maybe not… (Difrax pacifiers to the rescue)

PacifiersAria loves her pacifier. Yes, we have been saved by the little suckers, but now it’s a bit of a curse considering she can’t seem to live without them. We were recently told by the dentist she should be giving up the habit, but like all addictions it’s not going to be easy. Fortunately, we have been weening her off of them (only for sleeping now or when mommy wants a quiet car ride), but there is no way this child is giving them up… not without a fight.

That’s why I was thrilled to find out about a pacifier that was designed to help encourage your child to give them up. Can you believe a company actually made that? No repeat customers there! Well, in fact it’s genius because I’ve found out (after lots of mom talk and googling) that I’m not the only mom trying to break up their child’s first serious relationship.

The Difrax 3-Stage Pacifier was introduced to me a while back, and as soon as I heard about it I thought we must have one. I had bought a MAM orthodontic pacifier in Duane Reade prior to getting the Difrax.  MAM also is supposed to be better for jaw and teeth development and claims to be recommended and developed by dentists, but I loved that the Difrax 18 + months has similar benefits and also is supposed to ween your child off (or encourage them to give up) their pacifier.

I was concerned when I first gave Aria the new Difrax pacifier. It’s more solid and stiff than most and she had been a bit of a pacifier snob, but after not getting her beloved Avent back, she seemed to accept the Difrax and now is very happy with them. So happy in fact, that I have to wonder if they are actually encouraging her to give up the habit. She may be the exception because so far she still seems hooked. At least I am comforted by the fact that the orthodontic model is supposed to be better for her jaw development and help with the orthodontics. Baby steps I guess.

Follow Up: I just discovered that Difrax also has a FREE E-BOOK on their website that is a 15 day stop plan to help little ones give up the pacifier.  Downloading now!


One thought on “Bye Bye Paci… or maybe not… (Difrax pacifiers to the rescue)

  1. I remember the day I told my son, Tim, who is now 27, that we had to give his paci away to his newborn cousin Danielle (because she didn’t have one :)) – like it was yesterday. He was almost 3 at the time. Tim was a big fan of Uncle Ben (Danielle’s father), and miraculously, he seemed okay with that. Back then in ’89, there was no such thing as a pacifier built to assist jaw development and such. However, he immediately began sucking on his index finger and middle finger of his left hand. Odd, right? However, the dentist said that this was much better because his fingers were smaller and flatter and that it wouldn’t cause any dental issues, etc., and it didn’t. Apparently, it’s a family thing from his father’s family. I have an adorable photo of him asleep in the backseat of my car at the age of 5, still sucking on those two fingers with his younger brother, Max, asleep in his car seat with HIS PACI. So, perhaps, telling Aria you’re giving her Paci to a newborn relative or friend’s baby or something might help (or maybe not), but once Aria is finally ready to give up the Paci, don’t be surprised if she starts sucking on her thumb or a blanket (which Tim also did, occasionally),. It’s something all kids go through, and in the scheme of things, it was one of the easier dilemmas of childhood to deal with, compared to so many other issues like potty training :)…but I know everything plagues the mind and heart of of we Mommies whether your child is 7 or 17 or 27:) – especially if he/she is your first! 🙂

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