Product Review: Brica Roll n Go Car Seat Transporter

UnknownScreen Shot 2014-02-13 at 1.32.09 PMSo, we just returned from sunny Florida (sigh) and even though I forgot this travel item this trip, I’ve been meaning to review it for a bit. We’ve been traveling with Aria since she was only a few months old, and  on our last big trip (Switzerland, Dubai, Milan) this item came in super handy.

Dragging a car seat through the airport is never fun, and the Brica Roll N Go allows you to strap the car seat to it and essentially roll your child through the airports. It eliminates the need to have a stroller along (side-note– in Dubai airport Emirates has courtesy Maclarens available for passengers which I think is genius), and avoids you having to carry the car seat separately. We found it VERY handy in large international airports when we had long walks and customs lines (and one jet lagged toddler). Aria basically went back to sleep in her seat and we pulled her along.

It’s relatively easy to hook up the car seat to The Brica Roll-n-Go, although I will say that the base is somewhat small and at times I felt like the seat might be more secure on a larger base like the Britax version.  It’s also lightweight enough and packs easily into the overhead compartment on board.

I bought mine last minute at Babies-R-Us here in the city, but was also looking for the  GoGo BabyZ  Seat Luggage Strap option (which I couldn’t find in store). It’s cheaper and may be more convenient (although I can’t attest to it’s sturdiness & security) since it’s a single strap to store away.  I also just saw this Kids Luggage Travel Chair product on Shark Tank last night and am thinking it will be a good option as she gets older and loses the car seat all together.  Happy Travels!20140204_153344

Versa Skip Hop: Best Diaper Bag Ever

versa skip hop bagOk, so in reality this is the only diaper bag I’ve ever tried but I think it’s the best out there. Here’s why.

STYLE: First of all, have you seen some of the diaper bags on the market? I’m not a paisley or flowery type of girl and when I first saw the options out there I was horrified. The Skip Hop is simple yet stylish and the black is right up this NYC girl’s alley.

PRICE:  The  $70 price tag  ( good purchase to use that 20% off coupon at Babies R Us) is affordable considering the only other bags I would even entertain buying were super expensive. I love the Rosie Pope’s bags as well, but if you can’t find them on Gilt or discounted somewhere else, I am not sure they’re worth three times the price (or more).

Function: The skip hop was designed smartly. With all the standard diaper bag benefits (waterproofing inside, lots of pouches and pockets to organize, etc), it exceeds expectation by also being expandable and lightweight (key). It also has a great adjustable strap so you can throw it over your shoulder or wear it messenger bag style or, most importantly, it can be adjusted and draped over your stroller. This is KEY since it’s inevitable that at some point it will be overflowing with stuff and you’ll be happy not to have to carry it. Mine practically lives on the stroller handle.

Durability: I’m almost two years in with this being my every day bag and it’s still looking great. It has stood up spilled bottles, being overpacked, getting dragged around the house by Aria and the hard streets of NYC. It’s a keeper for sure.