Holidays Here & Gone (and here, there and everywhere)

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The holidays flew by for us. Actually, I guess you could say we flew by (or so it seemed) since this holiday season we traveled half way around the world, and back.  Yes, Aria already has more stamps in her passport than most kids get their whole childhood. Our main destination was her Uncle Hayden’s wedding in Dubai, but we had a few stops between here and there (both going and coming).  Here are a few pictures from our holiday adventures.

First stop was visiting a few friends in Switzerland (a night in Zurich and then off to the beautiful Alps). We stayed in their house in the charming little village of Samedan (just next door to St. Moritz). Aria and little Sammy were in love at first sight, and it was incredibly sweet to see how they interacted.

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Next, was the main event in Dubai. A beach wedding and time to relax and enjoy a little sightseeing and warm weather. Not to mention, some well needed family time with Mimi & Dada (who came all the way from New Zealand) and, of course, Uncle Hayde & his beautiful new bride, Glaucia.

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Finally, just to round it all out, we stopped in Milan on the way back. In actuality, we made what could have been a painful 7 hour layover into a mini-milanes vk.  A quick train ride to the Duomo and Galleria to check out some highlights and history, and then a long and delicious afternoon, eating and drinking (as it should be when in Italy).

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All in all we racked up a whole lot of miles, and even more good memories.
Here’s to an equally adventurous 2014…