Slightly Obsessed: Layer Eight Cold Weather Leggings

Ok, so it is FREEZING here in NYC and the thing that has saved me the last week are my Layer 8 Leggings.  Any one who knows me knows my wardrobe of choice usually consists of yoga-wear (leggings especially) and last week I happened to pick these up not even realizing they would be SO good for these cold days.

layer8 layer8tjx

Technically, they’re running leggings, and have this nice soft fleece-like lining  to keep you extra toasty (no matter if you’re running or not).  Not only are they warm, but they’re well constructed, nice and long (good for tall girls like me), and even have a handy little zip pocket just below the waistband in the back . Not to mention, they were super cheap.  I picked them up for under $20 at TJ Maxx, and even the retail price on their tag was under $40. I couldn’t find a Layer 8 website (anyone?), but you can pick them up here. Definitely worth it. STAY WARM!

A Little Jar Of Lux: Baume De Rose

It’s fashion week here in NYC, and since I am no longer runway hopping (although thank you to those who still sent invites), I figured the least I could do was pay tribute by doing a beauty post. These days, I’m far from in the fashionable– unless a standard outfit of rotating Lucy & lululemon yoga gear can suddenly be counted as stylish (Mom-Style or Healthy-Style perhaps). With days filled with running after a toddler on the playground and wiping off sticky fingers (that have usually first found me), sometimes I need to remind myself that there was a time when I got blowouts, regular mani-pedi’s and hit Bloomies more than buybuy Baby. 
A small reminder sits tucked away inside the pocket of my diaper bag, and when I need to add a little luxury  to my day, a small dab does the trick. Terry Baume de Rose  is by far my favorite lip product out there. It’s ultra rich & creamy, and leaves a long lasting natural gloss that instantly makes me feel just a little more glamourous (or maybe I should say a little less un-glamours.) It’s got a hefty price tag (I usually would never spend so much on a lip product), but a small dab goes a long way, and as far as I’m concerned it’s a small price to pay to add a little beauty to my day. Baum de Rose: My little jar of LUX. 

Stroller Hooks: A City Mom Must Have


So, while at the the playground this morning I had a city mom friend inquire about my stroller hooks.  I have several on my Bumbleride stroller and really think they are the MUST have stroller accessory here in the city. aria stroller hooks

I am always hanging something on there– today it’s Aria’s wet bathing suit and countless times it’s my Trader Joe’s groceries just after I’ve already filled my bottom basket with wine from their wine shop. I can’t tell you how crazy I am about my hooks, and I definitely see them as a must have, even for those mom’s pushing around the UPPAbaby strollers which have enormous baskets (actually, I see one right now across the way here at the park and she too has a hook– confirmation.)

So, I have the Mommy Hook (picked mine up at Babies R Us) and although it broke on me once (to be fair that was likely my fault as I tend to overload), I purchased it again because it’s big, fits well on the handle and is easy to maneuver. I also have buggy guard B Hook which is a hook and lock in one, which comes in handy if you even need to lock your stroller to a gate or chain like I did the other day when I didn’t want to drag it into a restaurant. I also had some hooks by sunshine kids which I don’t recommend because they broke within the first week or two, and  I also just picked these up by Muchkin but have yet to try them out (and, yes, I am a bit obsessed).

So, I am a huge fan of the hooks but you do need to be careful not to overload them or you risk the stroller falling backwards from the weight. Hence, me always making sure I fully fill the bottom basket with wine or some other heavy groceries before I add the excess to the hook. Bottom line– must have!